The possibility of creating a game that is both realistic and offers fantastic elements? Well, there is only one producer in the world of mobile games that can actually offer such gameplay, and it is Social Point. This social-networking production prepared for mobile devices and our browsers is one of the most wanted games that were ever created. The amount of people, who wish to get gems in Dragon City via Dragon City apk hack is also enormous. If you are looking for a proven way to get free games, be sure to check here and download our reliable tool.

The review we are about to present you will briefly tell you about the most interesting elements this game has to offer. What’s more, in addition to these elements, we will tell you with getting gems in Dragon City is so essential for becoming the best player. This is also why we are going to present you all the pros and, sadly, all the cons of this game. After that, you are going to decide whether this game is worth your time or whether Dragon City gems, a premium currency that everyone wants to get via Dragon City tool, has ruined it completely.

What Dragon City is all about?

The production we are today reviewing was prepared by Social Point – guys who released several other productions earlier on. From what we learned, they are a group of programmers, who know a thing or two about mobile gaming and the way it is supposed to be programmed. That is why from the very beginning a player can hope for at least average game.

Before we jump into the game, it is crucial for you to know that the game requires from you a stable Internet connection. It means that you have to have access to the Internet throughout the entire time of playing. Otherwise it won’t be possible to even launch the production. That is why if you have ever had troubles with establishing a good Internet connection, then this game might not be for you.

So now, when we know basics things regarding the production, let’s see what makes people want to get gems in Dragon City. Because of that, they even tend to download unofficial software that can, sooner or later, lead to getting your account banned or suspended for a period of time. This is why Dragon City apk hack from any source can be dangerous. However, let’s get back to the review and see what gameplay has got to offer.

The gameplay in Dragon City

When it comes to playing the game itself, it is worth to say a few words regarding interface. It is very user friendly and simple. Because of that, no player will have troubles in understanding it, even if they do not speak English or any other foreign language fluently. Everything concerns dragons. No wonder – the main purpose of this game is to feed and raise as many dragons as you can. Obviously, the producers offer us the chance to breed dragons and mix species. Because of that, we can, for example, mix fire dragon with wind dragon. Or we can also try out the combination of water dragon with stone dragon. There are dozens of combinations – to say the least.

Although the mechanism of breeding is very attractive from the outside, in the game it looks pretty straightforward. It is both a good thing and a bad thing. A bad thing because it doesn’t offer any complexity, but a good thing because there is no need for any additional tutorials to understand its mechanics.

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Now let’s move to one of the main reasons why Dragon City apk hack is still a thing and most likely will be until the end of the mobile gaming. Currency and in-game goodies.

How does the currency reflect the status of the player?

A lot of people worry that because of in-game premium currency, it is necessary to use Dragon City hack tool just to compete with the best. Although one can notice Dragon City gems, an uncommon currency that is available only for the fewest, it does not change the game – at least not so much. Obviously, having huge amounts of Dragon City gems – either by using Dragon City tool to get them or via in-game shop – can result in great easements. Still, the most important elements of the game depend on the players’ abilities and skills – not money.

That is why people may look for Dragon City hack tool and even use them. They will certainly profit from it at the beginning and once the game starts. However, in the end, everyone is capable of achieving the same thing as people who are using Dragon City hack tool.

Summary – what are pros and cons of Dragon City?

Most obvious positives are definitely the idea of the game and its theme. It is rather rare to see a game with such interesting gameplay and mechanics. Obviously, there are no shocking novelties and changes in the game and some of the solutions could be easily found in other titles. Still, the game offers a lot of entertainment for hundreds of hours of game. Thanks to its simplicity it is great for youngsters. However, even more mature audience can try it out!

When it comes to disadvantages, premium currency can be like a thorn in your side, but later on even Dragon City tool won’t spoil it, since after all – it is skill that matters!