A lot of people wish to use dragon city cheats for gems because of the fact that simple goodies are the best goodies. However, do you want to know if there are other ways of getting dragon city games for free? Is there a way that does not include unofficial applications? In order to answer this question, we decided to gather all the information we gathered throughout several months of playing. As a result of our experience and knowledge, it was possible for us to create a guide that grants you an in-depth explanation of the most important methods.

If you too wish to know whether dragon city generator is the only legitimate way, the best way for you to find out is to simply read the following article. We can promise you that you will learn a lot regarding the game. What’s more, we will also show you the essential manners as a result of which you are going to have dragon city games for free without anything too risky!

But what is this game all about?

What would be the reason for a dragon city gems generatorto gain on popularity? Well, it is all because of the game itself! Dragon City is a very entertaining and gripping production that offers a lot of innovative solutions. Next to that, we can find plenty of attractive elements thanks to which you don’t have to worry about boredom at all. Let’s not forget about the fact that a title created by Social Point combines two, quite distinctive genres. We mean here fantasy and simulation. How come a game with plenty of imaginative creatures, what dragons are without a doubt, can be so realistic in its gameplay?

It is because of a great approach, where we have to take care of our dragons in every possible way. Thanks to that they can begin breeding. Once a certain amount of time passes, these dragons can be trained in order to find in battles against other players. This is an ultimate combination of two very unique types of games. In that way we receive something that is called realistic fantasy!

This is the main reason why so many people wish to find working dragon city generator and to play the game with some easements. People want to strive, they want to develop as fast as it is possible. Unfortunately, it is impossible to do so without the appropriate amount of gems – a premium currency. That is why we prepared for you several ways thanks to which you can enjoy dragon city unlimited gems or at least limited to some greater amounts!

What can be an alternative to Dragon City gems generator?

While looking for alternatives, we should bear in mind several aspects. The method we find needs to be effective. What’s more, it cannot take too much of your free time. What’s more, it usually should be accessible for a larger group, so others can use it too. We decided to follow these rules and see what we can find. In that event, we found these manners: Glitches, Third Party Awarding Programs, Giveaways, and of curse In-Game Content. How does they differ from any dragon city generator? Here are some quick answers!


This could be a very interesting method only if Dragon City was a game filled with bugs and mistakes made by the producers. Glitch is nothing else but a bug that can offer you some kind of facilitation. Benefits one can derive from Glitch can range from several seconds quicker training up to the bug that grants us hundreds of gems. The problem is that unlike dragon city gems generator, this idea cannot be used on demand and it is very limited, so there is hardly anyone that actually found a beneficial glitch.

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Third Party Awarding Programs

A great alternative for dragon city cheats for gems, but they are actually very time-consuming. The approximate amount of time you have to spend on getting tiny amount of gems is weeks, in some cases months! However, it is proven and reliable method that can actually grants you dragon city games for free.


Unreliable, yet quick and awarding option. It is awesome only if there is a some kind of giveaway on the way. Usually these are events organised by streamers or other popular Dragon City gamers. This is actually an interesting way of getting dozens of gems in no time, but it is very unlikely, since there are thousands of users who participate in giveaways, and only one or two rewards.

So what is the best way to get dragon city unlimited gems?

Although some of these aforementioned ideas a great and can occur to be useful, they do not offer you such dependence as a high quality, automated, already verified application. Thanks to unofficial tools you can grant yourself with access to thousands of gems without any problems. What’s more, there are tools that can give you food, that offer gold – anything that you really want.

Obviously, make sure that the application you are about to use is fully legit and it won’t cause any troubles of any sort. That is why get tools from trusted sources and from people that are actually worth recommending!