How to explain people that it is quite difficult to cheat Dragon City without being discovered? Well, the best way to do that is to simply read the article that we, ladies and gents, have prepared for you! Our goal was to show you that it is quite simple to get Dragon City free gems. You don’t have to worry about some specialized methods that involve highly sophisticated programming. What’s more, the times, when you had to root or jailbreak your device just for Dragon City gems hack to be installed on your device are long gone.

The article we have published will answer one of the most crucial questions, which is how to get free gems in Dragon City without getting caught or banned. In order to do that, it is essential for you to understand the most basic principles, like for example legitimacy, anonymity, and transparency, not to mention effectiveness. So, without any further ado let’s begin an in-depth explanation of how to get free gems in Dragon City!

First of all, a few things about the game!

But before we tell you anything about Dragon City Hack and means of using it, let’s see what this game is all about. As you know, the main goal of users in Dragon City is to become the ultimate dragon breeder. To achieve that; however, you ought to spend hundreds of hours playing the production, becoming better and better, earning more, and expanding your acres.

dragon city tutorial

The game offers you a hundred of different species of dragons. Each of them has a unique ability – a power that can be used while battling other players and their dragons. Obviously, these dragons are quite expensive to feed, to breed, and generally to maintain. That is why the troubles with food, basic goodie, are quite common. So what to do in order to change that? You can, for example, use a micro-transaction system that will offer you gems, a premium currency, to unlock all the problems. However, why would you spend your real money on some in-game things if you can cheat Dragon City and get everything for free?

How to get free gems in Dragon City via unofficial applications?

  1. Find legitimate source

First of all, you have to find a website that grants you a working Dragon City hack. While looking for such page, you may be forced to spend more time than usual. It is because you have to make sure that the application you are about to use is legit and free from viruses. The best way to verify a page is to look for HTTPS certificate and, obviously, for recently released scripts that are up to date. The best way of checking whether it is true or not is by simply checking how fast the page is loading. If fast, it is the indication that the scripts are updated.

  1. Make sure it isn’t suspicious

Any activity that could be suspicious like for example asking for a password or for your e-mail address (these things should never happen)is the indication that this Dragon City gems hack is not legit. What’s more, you should also see whether it really connects with the servers, so you can enjoy Dragon City free gems without the single problem.

  1. Launch a tool and make sure it is successfully connected

Many times applications that offer you the chance to cheat Dragon City do not connect appropriately. Because of that, you have to interact and do things manually. In high quality production, you won’t be having problems related to that and you will receive Dragon City free gems in no time.

dragon city screenshot

  1. Choose values

Now you just need to choose the right values you wish to have generated and that’s all! There is no need for you to do anything else, because in most cases Dragon City gems hack will automatically connect with the servers and generate all the goodies you wanted to have.

How to avoid fake tools?

Well, besides the things we already mentioned, there are several other elements you have to take into account. First of all, do not ever let an application to install other applications. Once you get a tool on your computer, this is the only piece of software you really need. If there will be a request for installation other, third-party programs, then this is most likely a fake.

What’s more, you should also look for tools that work online. These days we do not have to jailbreak or root devices. What’s more, the programmers responsible for hacks made even greater step forward by creating tools that work online, via browsers. It means that you don’t even have to download anything – you just type in your account name, so the tool can find your ID in servers of the game, and after a moment it is done!

Also, we would like you to always make sure that the product is created with the thought of every single detail and that it also offers you anonymity. Proxy servers will change your IP address and therefore location. Because of that, they are great in protecting you and keeping you anonymous. Once you follow all these rules, you will definitely find an interesting Dragon City unofficial software that will help you out. If you are looking for a proven tool, please visit our previous entry: – you’ll find everything you need.